platinum gsc


 Platinum Girl Scout Cookies sound whimsical and charming at the same time, and have traveled from the west coast across the United States to enjoy their popularity on the east coast. Platinum takes the two strains that were combined to form the original hybrids GSC OG Kush and Durban Poison and adds a third, as yet unknown, plant element to create something new

 Users prefer PGSC for its relaxing and calming properties, but especially for its strong euphoric effects. The strain also has remarkably wide medicinal uses. People have used PGSC to relieve the pain and suffering caused by migraines and arthritis. The strain has also been used to treat the harmful symptoms of fibromyalgia, including depression, anxiety, and headache and limb aches. People suffering from attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have also used PGSC to treat the symptoms associated with it

 Platinum Girl Scout Cookies have a remarkably sweet aroma that is reminiscent of berries, while also having a certain spicy.

 Platinum GSC initially produces beautiful little nuggets, dark green chunks mixed with light pastel green and visibly coated in white trichomes, ground it looks wonderfully creamy and the beautiful view is accompanied by the aroma of sweet caramel with a hint of berries. I’d rolled a joint small enough to enjoy after work, knowing I was going to be tired now and only needed a light dose to relax and get ready for bed. I was expecting a fairly light smoke based on the delicate flavors I had discovered, but the exhale was slightly berry and very sharp; It’s far from smooth going downstairs and you’re guaranteed to cough a little at least, Platinum GSC is one of those girls who looks presentable on the street, but behind closed doors she’s not afraid to put her fingers to your throat and shut give you are a strong strangler you start off guard in many ways; In the middle of my pinner joint, I was afraid I hadn’t rolled enough, because after the first few hits I felt almost nothing, except for a sting in my throat, I didn’t have a glass of water on hand, so I went further forward, with small gulps, when the effects suddenly kicked in and I knew I was done before I even finished the joint you mentally feel euphoric, lively, talkative, laughing, anxious and stress-free.

This strain is literally a hybrid that you have ever come across; The highly relaxing effects of indica are instantly present and you feel like you don’t care about anything in the world, but equally balanced by substantial cerebral sativa sensations that keep you present and socially functional. I remember the second time I drank this variety and came home just smiling at all the funny and philosophical thoughts that kept popping into my mind. I’m in no way an artist, but it made me feel like I was going to be the one above. out of a soap box and I’m starting to tell some really funny jokes to my friends Now I’m trying unsuccessfully to recall all of the insightful thoughts I had during my high, and I wish I had written some of them down because I can’t think of anything right now. With higher doses of this strain, I was basically so far away on another planet. So now I ignore a lot of things that I would remember the next day. Right now I’m sober and very frustrated so, in other words, have a pen handy. And paper at hand, or remember to take your phone out if you want to use this variety for creative or insightful stimuli, as you could lose track of it later. The energetic and upbeat part of the high will likely last an hour and an hour. Halfway before you start going down and the full indica takes over. I came home after a few errands and sat on my bed for a minute, then woke up four hours later, still with my contacts and makeup on after taking off the lenses from my burning eyeballs and washing my face I can sleep another full 8 hours, uninterrupted, basically dreamless And here I am now, waking up from my Platinum GSC sleep, feeling super rested, still feeling some relaxation in my body.

 Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is probably one of the best medicinal hybrid strains out there in the world of marijuana would not recommend for first-time users. It starts off with a great social high, but after the first few effects you will be ready to move to a comfortable place because eventually you will feel like you are melting into the ground. Personally, I love to pull this