• fyrfytr: 1June 26, 2018I am very impressed with the product, the level of service and the speed of delivery.
    • Ljwendzina August 7, 2018 Best ever. I tell all my friends and family. Simply best buds for your money.
      Keep up the great work guys
    • jonah96kinakDecember 10, 2018 Awesome product. Better quality I’m gonna start ordering with these guys nice buds Love it.
  • qaradisiakJune 27, 2018 The products I’ve gotten from these guys
    have all been top notch! Every strain is treated properly and arrives
    perfectly dried & cured. And their distillate pens are killer for
    discrete medicating on the go! Highly recommend these guys.
    • Baeed.ahmad86February 8, 2019 Big time fan of the quality !! i had a bad customer service experience at first but these guys resolved it quick  ….. life time buyer  … notch quality!!
  • QaradisiakJune 27, 2018 Every product I’ve gotten from these guys
    has been top notch! The flower all arrived perfectly dried and cured in
    cute packaging. Their vape pens are also gray for discrete toking on
    the go! Highly recommend.
  • Augusto June 27, 2018 Fast delivery, great quality. Better than
    what I found in dispensaries. Price is really good too. It’s a bang for
    a buck thing when you buy from
  • Master June 27, 2018 Easy to deal with and very personable
    customer service finally a MOM that actually knows the definition of
    Quads ! the 2-3 business day delivery time doesn’t hurt either very
  • Maze June 27, 2018 Top notch. My goto site for quality, variety and price. Bang on guys.
  • Brandey June 27, 2018: I love quick greens! Everything I have
    ordered, and received has been A+! The service is amazing, the products
    are affordable, delicious, and efficient for all your medicinal or
    recreational needs! Delivery is so fast Ashwell! I would highly recommend
    their hemostat bud, it’s my favorite out of the bunch! For sure 100%
    happy with spacemonkeymed and I would recommend it to anyone who needs
    affordable, quality products!
  • WoogieJune 27, 2018 CALL 911 !!! got that FIRE!!!Amazing Selections and Great Pricing! Cannabis Online
    Dispensary has wonderful Service and Deliveries you can count on!
    Truth be told buying Cannabis Products on line could be scary, But with
    spacemonkeymed You can Rest Easy knowing you are in their Caring Hands!
    They have the Best Cannabis Quality with Pricing that is better that reasonable,
    you will absolutely thank yourself for ordering from spacemonkeymed. Medicate Responsibly : )
  • RhiannonJune 28, 2018 I absolutely love spacemonkeymedsupply! With an
    insane selection of top quality product, you just can’t go wrong here.
    And the sales are just outstanding!❤️
  • BluntsnbonghitsJune 28, 2018LOVE THE SERVICE + THE PRODUCTS 💓
    Always such friendly people & great customer service. Products are
    top shelf, amazing deals ! Never leave unsatisfied, you guys have a
    customer for life !
  • Hippie_BudzJune 28, 2018spacemonkeymedsupply is by far, hands down, one
    of the best company’s to deal with. These great folks, are all about
    helping medical cannabis users, the top shelf strains they want, at
    amazing wicked prieces. Plus super fast shipping to the east coas, and
    all across canada. This is a Highly Recommend medical cannabis
    dispensary, I really suggest you give them a try, and you’ll be hooked
    on their quick, fast, and super friendly service😀🙏✌ Hippie’s Flower Hour Rating 5/5..
  • hilarys1987June 30, 2018Gotta say these guys have the BEST
    customer service!!! If your not happy with a product they will do what
    they can to make you happy! Their bud is totally beautiful and tastes
    even better! Been ordering from them since they opened, and have had a
    great experience so far!!! 😁 😁 ✌️✌️
  • PrincessPotCanadaJune 30, 2018HIGH!
    Just stopping my to drop a few lines about the amazing experience I’ve
    had with spacemonkeymedsupply. I have been sceptical about finding products for a
    good price online however spacemonkeymedsupply has put my mind at ease with multiple high
    quality heavy indica strains at an affordable price ! I am a chronic
    user and I’m quite picky when it comes to my flowers. I look for heavy
    hitting indica strains often Kushes, if you are the same spacemonkeymedsupply has got you
    covered. I also tried out a lovely indica distillate vape pen for those
    times I’m needing to stay medicated and discreet. I’ve dealt with many
    online dispensary’s but spacemonkeymedsupply services have set the bar extremely high and
    I will continue to shop with this great dispensary! I’ve taken some
    photos of the orders I’ve received on my IG @princesspotcanada_ check it
    out for yourself 😉
    Thanks spacemonkeymedsupply Familia
  • KoleJuly 1, 2018Had a rough time with the shipping but
    all and all customer service was great and did everything they can to
    get it to me as fast as possible and not to mention the amazing quality
    of the goods 5 stars in my book
  • xabbu23July 5, 2018I have had a great experience with quick
    greens over the past few months, they have some great products, I have
    tried several different kinds and strains. I think my personal favorite
    was the sample of hash they sent with one of my orders, was amazing! I
    have had great experiences with their customer service, they have always
    been very quick to resolve any of my concerns. I have no issues with
    their shipping, I order early in the week and quite often get it within 2
    days of ordering. I recommend you guys often 😀 I cannot say enough ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • mailJuly 5, 2018These guys are legit. They are the real deal!
    Delivery from Canada Post only took 3 days and the quality of their bud is excellent.
    Great communication via email. Very responsive and attention given to customer service. Highly recommended!
  • EthanJuly 5, 2018probably the most competitive priced
    supplier that offers the fastest delivery at your convenience. products
    are of the highest quality and I have yet to be disappointed!!!!
  • jj_christianoJuly 5, 2018I have nothing but good words to say
    about this company, their product is very high quality at good prices,
    they have amazing promotions all the time and not to mention the free
    monthly gift! There staff is very helpful and friendly, if you are
    unsure about this website at first (as I was) take my word for it, do
    yourself a favor and place an order! 👌😋
  • MandyJuly 5, 2018Excellent product, service and discreet shipping!!
    What more can you ask for? All types of strains to suit any smokers tastes/budget.
    Heavy hitting indicas and uplifting sativas, even some hybrids if that tickles your fancy!You can check some out on IG: @hex_and_kissesProblem? No worries, spacemonkeymedsupply has some of the best customer service out there!I have been using this amazing company for a while now and have yet to be disappointed.
    My personal favorite so far are the Kush strains
    (Purple and purple candy kush)
  • Hex_and_kissesJuly 5, 2018I got some Watermelon as a sample freebie with an order.
    I must say how much of a treat it was as it truly lives up to its name with that unmistakable smell.Super light yet dense buds that sparkle like diamonds and breaks up nicely.
    Smooth taste with an effect that’s sure to please.If you love fruity smelling buds, this is the strain for you!!Quick discreet shipping with a stellar customer service staff.
    These guys are my go-to!!
  • aalaporte80July 7, 2018This is the first and only site i have
    bought from online. The product is amazing and the customer service is
    just as good if not better.
  • angeladean1977July 7, 2018Wonderful variety of products, easy
    ordering with speedy delivery. My husband is diabetic and suffers from
    nerve pain and anxiety. We found the perfect strain on your site which
    eases his symptoms. Your site is very much appreciated, as is your
    quick replies to emails. We have both recommend your business to others,
    and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for offering a service
    with products that are able to help people improve their quality of
  • faqiryar1July 7, 2018Used so many websites didn’t get the best. Found this website and my life is set!!!
  • Stoney.k420 (aka Kimberlyn)July 11, 2018I absolutely love spacemonkeymedsupply, they have
    the best marijuana strains, and the best prices ever. Always top quality
    stuff you’ll never be disappointed. So far my fav strain is Purple
    Candy and it’s on for a great deal right now. Ordering some spacemonkeymedsupply a
    day keeps the doctor away 😉
  • iamclarkmanJuly 13, 2018I could not be happier with the product
    and level of service. The future is here! No more sketchy meets in an
    alley. Fast, reliable and great prices to boot! I’ve already
    recommended spacemonkeymedsupply to my like mined friends. Keep up the great
    work guys!
  • darrell.langille92July 19, 2018i havent had the greatest experience ordering online , till now!! you guys rock 🙂 definately have a new loyal customer , the price the product outstanding keep up the good work
  • craigsmall99July 21, 2018I hope this is a sign of the future in
    this industry. Every company I have delt with have gone above and
    beyond with exceptional service and kindness. spacemonkeymedsupply is on top of
    the pile. Prices put my local dealer out of my business. Sure hope
    things don’t go for shit Oct.17.
  • KattheAugust 2, 2018Amazing 😄 product, shipping, customer service, everything is great.
  • janine_silly_beanAugust 9, 2018When Canada Post made a small error Quick
    Greens “instantly” made it right and I couldn’t have been happier not
    only was the deal amaizing to begin with but the quality of their
    product has proven to be beyond exceptional and the fact that they cared
    enough to take the time to polietly reply to ALL my emails really blew
    me away. You guys rock 🤘
  • DrewBorneAugust 11, 2018Wow!!
    Best word I can use to describe the level of customer service I received
    from I had placed and order that had said it was
    delivered by Canada Post Express Post but was never placed in my mailbox
    (Gotta keep a eye on that mailman!) . Even though I never got my
    package I communicated with spacemonkeymedsupply and even though they could have
    washed their hands clean of the situation they took the time out to look
    into my resolve my issue and compassionately replaced my order which
    was received a couple of days later in the mail. I am so appreciative of
    all you’ve done for me that I’ve been spreading the word with my
    friends and family about this place. If you were ever hesitant to
    purchase your medicine online trust me when I say if you’re reading this
    you found the right spot!! Order today and know that you’re in caring
    and excellent hands!! Much love & Respect spacemonkeymedsupply!!
  • DrewBorneAugust 11, 2018I purchased the OG Kush/God’s Green Crack
    deal (Awesome Deal btw!) And man this is some good ish! I was feeling
    frazzled after the first few draws. It burns well and has great bag
    appeal. I would definitely buy again without question.My advice..Stop reading my review now and place a order and get ready to be blown away!Much Love & Respect!!!
  • gorru71August 17, 2018The first time I ordered from Quick
    greens I needed assistance thus I asked them questions online and was so
    happy that they responded in a polite, professional manner and within a
    short period of time. The ordering process was efficient and secure and
    my order was filled quickly without a hitch. Here comes the good part!
    The quality for the price you pay is out of this world. I am definite
    multi repeat client od spacemonkeymedsupply.
  • plateausincAugust 24, 2018I looked everywhere to find good
    shatter,for a great price and there was spacemonkeymedsupply with the best price
    and wow the Billy’s crystal shatter is really good I am so stoned
    thanks so much you guys for helping me out, fantastic,unbelievable and
    they sent a gift wow is all I can say,the best yet. Thank you to the
    crew you are doing a great job,I was not even worried about sending
    money that’s two times and it all worked out great. Thanks thanks
    If you have arthritis this shatter really helps.
  • WhyvezSeptember 9, 2018I’ve ordered several times and have been
    happy every time with the quality and the services. I do wish there was
    more selection. Especially of hash and other concentrates.
  • alyispresleyOctober 3, 2018My first time buying online and it was
    awesome i bought the ounce special and they ran out and i got a free
    upgrade i am very happy with my purchase and will be buying again and
    its fast delivery
  • mikaroni7October 4, 2018Loved the alien super Mario promo
    Best deal I and buzz great experience
    I want more😎
  • rmartynOctober 4, 2018First time customer. It was so easy to
    order and delivery efficient. Loving the Alien Super Mario. I’m
    definitely coming back for more.
  • marcello.lepageOctober 9, 2018Have to admit was a bit of a sceptic when
    it came to ordering my bud on line, bin used to dropping in and getting
    my bud from the guy next door, the product is very good and the
    delivery is consistent , better to order Sunday Evening for best
    delivery times, this was my 2nd order and convinced this is the way to
    go, no mess no fuss, rest-assured will be keeping my account open,
    thanks spacemonkeymedsupply, keep up the good job.
  • adamjarchambaultOctober 14, 2018Some really great strains from Quick
    Greens, you guys never disappoint and always come through!! Keep up the
    great work to the whole team!!
  • charliekenethdillonOctober 24, 2018I tell everyone about this site! Such good bud for the price! Keep it up guys! I got so Litty McGitty on my last order.
  • rylan.zolinskiOctober 25, 2018Great bud for the price. Highly recommended.
  • bryansametz15October 31, 2018Ordered an oz of purple kush for an
    amazing price but they had run out so they upgraded me to gods green
    crack at no extra charge. Love my purchase and very happy about the
    service! THANKS GUYS :)! Will definitely be ordering again.
  • Paul StodalkaNovember 2, 2018spacemonkeymedsupply is a great company to deal
    with. I actually entered my old address (maybe to stoned) and the order
    was sent back to them. They sent it back no problem and was there within
    a couple days. Great site great weed, even better dabs
  • MattNovember 6, 20182nd time I order , delivery is quick even with Canada post strike . Got the vape pen special 🙂 it’s worth every puff 🙂 A+++
  • jasonkwan69November 14, 2018Absolutely terrific quick service and the
    best deals I have seen. Been telling friends and now there on board
    too. Have got a sweet selection so no need to go anywhere else😊👍
  • justin5115November 28, 2018spacemonkeymedsupply has excellent customer
    service I am a special needs kid and I have trouble reading and quick
    greens has help me learn how to place an order spacemonkeymedsupply has the best
    customer service that I have seen in a long time great job can’t wait
    to try the green crack and the nuke AAA×
  • marcello.lepageNovember 28, 2018this was my 3rd order, keep telling my
    friends, this is the place for flower, even though canada post was on
    strike, it still got here pretty quick, good customer service, always
    kept in touch, thanks spacemonkeymedsupply
  • WillyfoofooNovember 30, 2018Good customer service had an order split
    because they ran out of one thing. I panicked but they got back to me
    quick. Very impressed with the flowers.
  • alukicDecember 2, 2018I am so happy I found you guys. Tried 2
    strains already and more than happy with the shipping times, costumer
    service and the quality of the products! I can’t believe some deals that
    you have! Love the deals while they last 😁.
  • Charles TordoxDecember 4, 2018Honest review
    Great products! Great customer service! Value for money greens. I
    started buying in 2017 and my first strain ever was Purple Kush. Loved
    them and started buying more. My friends asked me to buy for them and
    they bought it after. Loved Purple Kush, Lindsayy OG and Green Crack the
    most for it’s price. Tried some shatter and it was great too 🔥
    These people actually gave me a vape pen for my birthday!!! That’s
    effing amazing. Best website to get the best greens you need 🙂
  • Tabac!!December 4, 2018First time buying from spacemonkeymedsupply and
    would definitely buy again. The order was processed quickly and arrived
    faster than expected.
    Their prices are the best I have found and the quality of the products were well beyond my imagination.
    Highly recommend!!
  • paulvivianDecember 7, 2018shipping was fast and product was at a
    level you don’t find in licensed shops around Alberta, was impressed.
    One smell of that Pineapple express and they had a loyal customer going
  • WillyfoofooDecember 7, 2018Had a substitution on my last order. And
    it was totally cool by me stuff happens. So the awesome folks at quick
    greens sent me a distillate pen and some gummies on top of my order. So
    now that I have tried them all. I can say the gummies are sweet. The
    distillate is deadly. The shatter ive tried tastes great and got me
    wriggity wriggity wrecked. And the five strains of flower I’ve tried so
    far have all been fantastic! I believe this is going to be a beautiful
    long lasting friendship.
  • stephenkrossDecember 7, 2018Best Site On The Internet.Thanks for the quick response when I contacted you, everything is of
    the best quality and at a great price. You guys are doing God’s work.
    God was the name of a guy who sold weed here, jk. Keep it up 10/10 Would
    • dylan12055December 24, 2018Shout out, TY for recommendation.
  • jbobyk1December 10, 2018Step 1: Placed Order
    Step 2: Received Order
    Step 3: Sampled Order
    Step 4: See Step 1
    10/10 Merry Christmas spacemonkeymedsupply !
  • Lorne.marshDecember 13, 2018Outstanding prices
    Top notch customer service
    Best weed period.
    I am now a proud member of the spacemonkeymedsupply family. Keep up the great work guys.
  • aahoukDecember 15, 2018Well, just placed my third order with spacemonkeymedsupply,
    Had some delivery issues due to Canada Post strike earlier, totally
    panicked and most likely annoyed everybody there with my paranoia,
    customer service here is very quick and patient, and rest assured every
    issue i panicked about was nothing at all, the products are absolutely
    top notch, amazing prices and specials, but its customer service first
    here, the awesome buds are just a great bonus. thanks for making this
    experience so good I will be back again and again
  • jmactmacDecember 17, 2018Don’t think i need to receive a service
    from these guys before commenting my satisfaction the bud look amazing
    in picture and for the price its a hell of a deal and sounds like no one
    has issues with deliveries keep up the good works lads
  • maplebacon3December 18, 2018Just recieved my x-mas special, ounce of Duke Nukem AAAA+ for $115 taxes in.
    Very pleased with the product, smells delicious and looks amazing!!
    I will no longer be ordering from my previous websites and will be using spacemonkeymedsupply from now on… 🙂 .
  • davidsoncon96December 20, 2018Superb product for excellent prices, with a highly communicative and dedicated staff.Ya’ can’t go wrong ordering your flower through spacemonkeymedsupply!
  • johnnyvongxayDecember 21, 2018Received my package today. Just in time for Christmas. Great service.
  • dmdowney42December 22, 2018Very impressed. Was a rough start but awesome quality. Quality remains the same this will b my site for chronic.
  • churzedDecember 24, 2018Product came packaged nicely and just in time for Christmas. Thank-you 🙂
  • mrsboss710December 26, 2018Some of the best Quality weed around !! And amazing Customer service! Irser from them and you wont be disappointed 😊
  • muaythai101December 27, 2018Hard to believe they can maintain such a
    good quality to price ratio. Strongly recommend these guys !! Super
    satisfied long term customer!. 😉
  • justin newhookDecember 28, 2018one of the best moms around. you won’t
    find better deals anywhere else. not to mention they have a deal for
    most holidays and occasions which is really nice for the consumer. I’ve
    only ordered the 100$ ounces so far but have heard all their higher
    priced bud is some of the best shit you will find. if you become a
    member spacemonkeymedsupply sends some awesome info and deals. I recommend this
  • wowzeydaDecember 30, 2018Honestly the best site for weed around.
    Have done a ton of orders with them and it has all been amazing quality,
    especially given the prices. I’ve only ever had one problem with them
    and they replied very quickly, resolved the problem immediately and
    apologized for the inconvenience, so their customer service is amazing
    too. Usually takes 3 days to get my order from when I hit check out.
    Would highly recommend.
  • ShaneJanuary 4, 2019By far the best site! I ordered from
    these guys a couple of times now and I gotta say I was more then
    satisfied! Awesome bud and even better prices!!
  • jfraser777January 6, 2019Great products and really fast shipping, one of the best if not the best.
  • Jason groveJanuary 6, 2019Shout Out To spacemonkeymedsupply! Damb these guys
    are dead on point with their quality, price and there super quick
    customer service. There speacials cant be beat I will be ordering from
    them all the time! Thanks spacemonkeymedsupply
  • robbeldingJanuary 10, 2019Received my first order today. Ordered
    the Duke Nukem AAAA+ and the 2 for $85 Distillate pens. was a problem
    with one of the pens but I emailed them soon as I opened package and
    noticed the issue. Was impressed with the VERY quick response. They said
    they will correct the issue and send me a new one out right away. The
    flower is top Notice. The smell when I opened the bag was amazing, and
    the buzz was great. Was a little nervous about making my first ever
    online purchase. besides the little hiccup with the pen, all and all
    very happy with the product and customer service. will be a repeat
    customer for sure
  • baileyhudson1995January 10, 2019Nice Buds,, Good customer service too.. Try to order early in the week though
  • 1mikejohn1January 11, 2019Very impressed with the quality of the product. Will recommend this site to others.
  • SteveJanuary 11, 2019Duke nukem looks dope! Delivery went
    great. Can wait till later tonight. %100 reccomend spacemonkeymedsupply. I Wish
    I bought the pens now. Deffinately
    a future customer.
  • baileyhudson1995January 12, 2019Duke Nukem AAAA+ Promo deal is much
    better than I expected and actually arrived sooner than I expected..
    Hats off to whoever was answering emails too, Really friendly and super
    helpful.. All round One of the better sites Ive found so far
  • reedstu00January 14, 2019Great site been smoking 25 years now
    great quailty buds got Duke nukem, Godfather og, Death bubba top
    quality buds will definitely buy again. Order your flower here.
  • tara.moore15January 15, 2019Ordered Duke Nukem AAAA+ I was very
    skeptical but was happy to have received quickly and at weight some
    amazing product. Nice dense buds full of flavor and smell, which
    matched. Thank you!!! You have made a return customer out
    of me!
  • KayJanuary 16, 2019I love this site and the products
    Love how you have free shipping over $100 bucks.
    Just ordered again for the second time, but now in the new year and with
    your new email. Can’t remember how long it took to get here but I’m
    excited because I just ordered the violater kush. Oh baby!
  • alyssaschnubbJanuary 17, 2019We live on an island off the coast of
    B.C. and were expecting our shipment to take weeks, to our surprise it
    arrived within a week. Product is amazing, we ordered the White Castle
    shatter and the weekly deal for an oz of green. Both are awesome, just
    placed another order. Can’t wait! Great job guys!
  • mikeJanuary 17, 2019GOOTE STOUFFE man , extreme happy customer
  • bigbuckpokerJanuary 18, 2019very impressed got me as a steady
  • Swilson775January 21, 20192 for 1 shatter!!!!!. White castle!!!!!
    I’m super impressed with the quality. I’m super lit. Love this company.
    Cant wait to find out the next deal.
    Duke nukm was Epic.
    2 for 1 shatter. Epic.
    Thank you for suck quick delivery
  • Amber.jdkellyJanuary 26, 2019You guys are the the best !! I am so
    happy with my service and products and I wish I would have found you
    sooner so I can love you longer !!
  • sonyarose-February 1, 2019Honest AAAA+.
  • chris_g2790February 4, 2019I got violator kush. Was straight up amazing. Great value. Great taste. Great buzz. Just great.
  • adamkenney05February 5, 2019😁
  • rickdouglas1975February 7, 2019I ordered an oz of White Zombie and I
    have to say that this strain has it all. It looks fantastic and this
    order seemed to be perfectly cured. The taste and smell is just
    phenomenal not to mention the high, a nice clean head high. keeps me
    energized but don’t smoke too much too quick or else its to the sofa for
    you. I ordered on Saturday and received my order on the following
    wednesday. I have to say that this is truly the nicest most beautiful
    strain. Definitely AAAA+. Will definitely order this strain again.
  • joeash14February 8, 2019first time customer here…and i will be a repeat customer.. like all the stuff i got, cant wait to try more 🙂
  • jconnors95February 12, 2019Words can’t describe how incredible this business is. Your saving my life. Thank you!
  • nicksernoskiFebruary 14, 2019I was a little skeptical at first, the
    deals seemed to good to be true but am i ever impressed.. i will be
    making the switch and using this site from now on
  • tommy-love24February 15, 2019kinda took a hot minute to get to me. but it was good
  • kitnotFebruary 15, 2019Small issue regarding payment, but once I verified that payment was made, the process was very quick.
    Product arrived well packaged and although my strain was no longer
    available, I was provided with another strain that proved to be great
    For quick service and good weed, I will definitely order from spacemonkeymedsupply again.
  • matt.tremblettFebruary 15, 2019I’m really impressed and happy with the quality of the bud,
    The price was great.
    delivery speed was 3 days and on time.
    customer service was on the ball.
    method of payment is extremely efficient for me (e-transfer) .. Everything in a hole I’m happy with.
    I will say I will be spending a lot of my hard earned money with this company.
    Cheer’s !!!
  • NickFebruary 18, 2019I have used this site a hand full of times now and I must say the customer service is amazing and the bud is even better!!
  • jadynnnxoFebruary 19, 2019Just got my first order and I’m extremely pleased! Definitely will be ordering from them again! Thanks spacemonkeymedsupply!
    Tracy B
  • chronic.nielsenFebruary 21, 2019Top class buds and service was exceptional.Well worth the bread to get these nugs. I
  • JayFebruary 21, 2019Thee guys are the best.
  • rickFebruary 22, a order 8 days ago and have recieved it.I like the product9
    • DANNY BOSTOCKFebruary 25, 2019Oh my, I love these guys already.It was
      not good at first communication could have been better but a BIG but
      they so made up for it. To start my order sat in the processing mode for
      48hrs and panic started to set in, I ordered early on a Tuesday morn in
      the hopes it would make it to the east coast by Friday so I would have
      it for the week end so I messaged them and asked if there was an issue
      with my order and why it had not shipped yet. They asked for my order
      num and said they would get back to me. A couple hours went by they sent
      me message saying the product I purchased had not met their quality
      standards and that they were just waiting for better product and they
      would ship it out.Ok fast forward to Monday and it arrived they sent me a
      AAAA+ Bud called White Snow to replace a $125 OZ of OG . I am what you
      would call a hard case I don’t even usually get high but what these guys
      sent me was nothing short of Fabulous I think my search may be over I
      may have found the Best Mail Order Supplier in the market theses guys
      are probably going to be my GO TO guys from now on. Thanks so much keep
      up the great products and services. PS even got a free sample to boot
      you guys Rock
  • ebony_h95February 26, 2019was a little skeptical of using this
    website with the prices being too good to be true and all but i’m SO
    glad i did, amazing prices and quality product! super fast shipping and
    great customer service! definitely gained a life time customer!!
  • Al MartelFebruary 26, 2019The RSO I received was worth the wait. Great work spacemonkeymedsupply Qrew. It arrived just in time I had 2 doses left.
    Al Martel
  • quix03February 27, 2019As a 35+ year smoker, spacemonkeymedsupply is hands down
    the best! Legit and high quality buds / canna products. Prices are
    outstanding imo. As long as spacemonkeymedsupply is around, I’m a loyal customer.
  • GFebruary 28, 2019I was a little worried about my order. My
    order still says processing but I’ve recieved it today. Customer
    support is fantastic, they reassured me everything was alright, as it
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