Dolato #4


Dolato #4 is an epic cross between Dosido X Gelato 33, creating a dark and icy coloration of buds. This indica-dominant hybrid yields a large 29% THC, making any smoke sesh one that will leave you couch bound and hungry for munchies. The flower has significant icky sticky trichomes and amber pistills that make even the most top shelf bud look average.



Dolato Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid hashish stress produced via way of means of combining genetics from Gelato and Do-Si-Dos. The end result is a stress that’s been reputed via way of means of reviewers as desirable for calming a harassed thoughts and enjoyable a demanding frame with out demanding approximately heavy sedation.

Some purchasers warn that whilst Dolato will calm the thoughts, it’s going to additionally go away it hazy or dazed, so don’t assume to get an excessive amount of achieved whilst attempting this stress. Some purchasers have stated they’ve used Dolato for persistent ache as it could assist numb it or bring about a nice tingling sensation.

Dolato Strain is a candy-smelling hashish stress that has notes of pine and earth, and well cultivated buds are dense and seaweed-inexperienced with sparse amber pistils.

This stress has a excessive degree of the terpene limonene in it, so it could produce a lemon-like heady fragrance and taste.

Dolato is an indica dominant hybrid stress (70% indica/30% sativa) created via crossing the traditional Gelato #forty one with the NorCal reduce of the notorious Dosido. If you are after a exceptional enjoyable excessive with a purpose to go away you kicking again with out heavy sedation, you’ve got located it. The Dolato excessive is exceptional calming in nature, with results with a purpose to go away you dazed and non violent for hours and hours on end. The excessive begins offevolved with a lifted impact that fills your thoughts with deep cerebral rest earlier than spreading its warming tendrils for the duration of the relaxation of your frame. You’ll sense euphoric and completely at ease, with none intellectual or bodily aches or pains to talk of. Thanks to those results and its excessive 22-29% common THC degree, Dolato is stated to be ideal for treating situations which include persistent ache, depression, insomnia, persistent fatigue, and muscle spasms or cramps. This bud has a candy berry pine taste with a mild highly spiced exhale it really is barely earthy. The aroma could be very candy and earthy with a highly spiced musky overtone it really is accented via way of means of clean pine. Dolato buds have dense flat olive inexperienced nugs with wealthy red undertones, darkish amber hairs, and a coating of frosty shiny white crystal trichomes.


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