Ice Cream Cake (Greenhouse)

Our “Under the sun” Ice Cream Cake is an indica dominant cross between Wedding Cake X Gelato 33. This greenhouse grown flower contains citrus and peppery terpenes, while also maintaning a very smooth cake light taste profile with hints of cream. Ice Cream Cake is light and fluffy, plastered with icy trichomes and colored in light green and amber hues. Post consumption, the effects are composed of relaxation, joy, and tingles that are more than likely to leave a smile on your face.



With a call like Ice Cream cannabis Cake, one can not assist however be tempted through one of these stress’s capability taste and aroma. Multiple breeders have a cultivar named Ice Cream Cake of their genetics library.

Ice Cream Cake through Mad Scientist Genetics

Ice Cream Cake through Mad Scientist Genetics is a go of Cheesecake and Dream Cookie, cultivars with Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream of their ancestry. The stress has a sweet, sour, and nutty taste profile with suggestions of vanilla, in step with the breeder. Per Mad Scientist Genetics, Ice Cream Cake has examined at 23% THC content.

Mad Scientist’s Ice Cream Cake received first region withinside the Best Indica class on the IC 420 Growers Cup in 2018.

Ice Cream Cake through Seed Junky Genetics

Ice Cream Cake is a go of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake created through Seed Junky Genetics. It has a sweet, nutty taste profile harking back to one’s favored baked goods.


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