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Space Monkey Meds is excited to offer its Pink Champagne bud-only pre-roll infused with a giggle-inducing body high that feels like relaxing in a jacuzzi in the clouds. Space Monkey Meds’ Pink Champagne preroll delightfully unfurls across palates and minds much like the way the morning sun climbs across a field of freshly blooming lavender. Treat yourself to this phenomenally delicious preroll and relax as its warmth fills your every inch. With a Pink Champagne preroll, life springs anew.



Pink Champagne has many names including Wow Kush, Raspberry Kush, Phantom (or Ken’s Phantom). This soothing beauty was created in the Bay Area by Ken Estes who crossbred Ken’s Granddaddy Purple and Cherry Pie. The buzz lands behind the eyes and radiates outward, making it a suitable strain for patients with migraines and physical ailments. With notes of grapes and berries, this strain gives smokers thoughtful eyes and a “couch lock” effect, making it a useful sleep aid for insomnia.

Pink Champagne, also better known as “Phantom” or “Raspberry Kush”, is an indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica / 20% sativa) that was created by crossing the infamous Ken’s Granddaddy Purple X Cherry Pie strains. Flavor as the name suggests, packaged sweet berry and grape flavors with a rich Kush exhale. The aroma is sweet grapes and berries with a noticeable fresh strawberry effect, which is sometimes slightly spicy, almost like a real glass of rosé champagne. The buds have a slight pink sheen with rich purple undertones and a layer of clear crystal trichomes that look almost pink in the right light. The high of Pink Champagne is calming and uplifting, perfect for relaxing while hanging out with friends at home or alone on your own couch. The high begins with a euphoric mood surge that leaves you giggling and relaxed. Your mind will oscillate between activity and drowsiness as your body falls into sedation on the couch.Thanks to these effects and its high average THC content of 1625%, Pink Champagne is considered perfect for treating conditions such as migraines, chronic pain, insomnia and depression.

Pink Champagne The scent is a mixture of sweet and fruity notes. Users compare the aroma to a combination of blueberries, grapes, and cherries mixed with a more humid, skunky smell. The musky skunk smell is more pungent when the buds are ground. Pink Champagne produces a soft and throaty smoke; However, it has a pretty strong and pungent odor, so you may want to open some windows.

Pink Champagne gives a good indication of its taste. It has a sweet fruity taste with hints of grapes and berries. Some say that it tastes slightly malty and yeasty when you exhale.

A ripe pink champagne plant has a typical indica style appearance with leaves tightly wound around its central stem. The flowers are quite small and clustered, while the tightly packed buds have a layer of sticky trichomes. They are curly orange stamps. These are the reproductive organs of a female plant that are designed to capture pollen from male plants.

The light green leaves of this plant may also have purple hues inherited from its parent, Granddaddy Purple.The purple hue is due to anthocyanin pigments stimulated just before flowering at cooler temperatures.

Pink Champagne Strains Grow Info
Feminized Pink Champagne seeds are available online. If breeders can get cuttings from another mature Pink Champagne plant, they can grow a clone.

While Pink Champagne can be grown indoors or outdoors, it thrives outdoors in a cool, semi-humid climate. The optimal average daytime temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


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