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Celebrate wellness with a taste of San Francisco OG from the folks at Space Monkey Meds. This Sativa-dominant cultivar features high levels of CBD, tempering the intoxicating effects normally associated with THC. San Francisco OG features the signature kush and earthen goodness that belongs to the OG family while encouraging energy and feel-good vibes for hours on end.



San Fran OG is an indica-dominant hybrid whose mysterious acronym actually stands for San Fernando Valley OG. It’s a very lemony and light-colored strain that is also sweet and earthy. Many smoke SFV OG when they need to have a good time as it can trigger a fit of euphoria and laughter. Hence, it is perfect for those who suffer from any type of mood or panic disorder.

What is the SFV OG trunk?
SFV OG, not to be confused with SFV OG Kush, is an indica-dominant (70%) hybrid that originated from the West Coast and, as you might have guessed, was named after the San Fernando Valley, where it was named by the. was bred Cali compound farms. She is an OG Kush phenotype and has helped bring about a wide variety of strains known as Tahoe OG and Ghost Train Haze.

Pink House is a Denver pharmacy that supplied a serving of SFV OG, which won the city’s High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. While not as popular as some of her “kids”, SFV OG is, in itself, an excellent strain of marijuana.

As is so often the case with OG varieties, the SFV OG marijuana variety offers sour and pine-like notes, followed by a strong citrus aroma at the end. It’s as bitter as the jet fuel variety. You will be surprised by the general aroma that manages to be spicy and sweet at the same time.

The taste of San Fran OG strain is almost as strong as its aroma. The lemon flavor is very strong and can even be a bit tart if you smoke this herb in a joint.You also get a lemongrass flavor, and the overall flavor will linger on your tongue for some time after you exhale. The FV OG is a strain that works very well with a vaporizer.

SFV OG has a typical OG structure. The buds are round and relatively dense with minimal pistils and an evergreen hue.


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