Tangie – Bud Only Pre-Roll


Space Monkey Meds now offers its Tangie bud-only preroll infused with delight and euphoric uplift all set to the palate-pleasing tune of freshly picked tangerines. Each Space Monkey Meds preroll boasts loving craftsmanship to ensure that its cherry burns evenly from start to finish, and this Tangie preroll is no exception. For an afternoon spent beneath free-thinking waves of energizing creativity, indulge in Space Monkey Meds’ Tangie bud-only preroll.



Inspired by the popular Tangerine0 Dream variety from the 90s, Tangie is an extremely aromatic bud with strong and unmistakable notes of citrus and mandarin.

Manufactured by DNA Genetics of Amsterdam and available in regular and feminized seeds, Tangie Buds online crosses a select cut from Crockett’s Farm Tangerine Dream with a select DNA Genetics Skunk male to create a citrus plant with high yields of resinous flowers. a cross between Skunk # 1 and California Orange (also known as CaliO).

Tangie Buds online inspired the creation of several citrus hybrids, including Sour Tangie (East Coast Sour Diesel crossed with Tangie), Tangie OG (Tangie and OG Kush), and Agent Tangie (Agent Orange plus Tangie).


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